Toonaria Campaign Setting
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Welcome to QT Games!

We're a micro publisher of fiction, roleplaying, board and card games (okay, we haven't published in every category—yet, but we have designed many products in each. We are working on publishing in each, and unlike many micro publishers, we don't cut corners on editing or production values—even though it lowers our profits. Instead we put quality and you first).

Following up a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, in Mid 2015 we released Arcane Synthesis, our first anthology based on the Cosmoverse. Later this year, we have The Shadow Reaper coming out and are hard at work on several other cool projects.

In addition to our fiction, we have two campaign settings we are producing material for: Toonaria and the Cosmoverse Campaign Setting. We are currently working on both fiction for the Cosmoverse and the Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game, a card-based system that enables fast, robust play in a blended-genre environment (a blend of fantasy, science fiction, superheroes and more).

Check out our books and join our newsletter so you don't miss anything. Visit our QT Games forums and let's talk about fiction, roleplaying, board and card games, movies, comics and art, in a safe, friendly environment! Click on the QT Games logo above to visit our company site. Thanks for stopping by—More on Toonaria soon!

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